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The Lac Fire Project is located in the James Bay Mining District, Quebec Canada. The block of 8 claims share a 12 km boundary which is on three sides with the Rose Lithium Tantalum Property of Critical Elements Corp. The Rose Resource pre-tax IRR is estimated at 33% and the NPV at $488 million at a discount rate of 8%.(Critical Elements Corp).

Eldor Rare Earth Project is located in Northern Quebec, Canada directly adjoins the west boundary of Commerce Resources Ashram Project which currently has a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA)with a Net Present Value (NPV) at a 10% discount rate of $2.32 billion, a pre-tax/pre-finance Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 44%. The rare earth elements at Ashram occur in simple and well-understood mineralogy, being primarily in the mineral monazite and to a lesser extent in bastnaesite and xenotime. These minerals dominate the currently known commercial extraction processes for rare earths. The deposit has combination of Light , Middle and Heavy Rare Earth Oxide (MHREO).